Some comments from our customers. If you have worked with us before, please feel free to contact us and submit your comments!

I am a veteran homeowner/DIY’er … yet when we were told our house had Radon levels of 16 (we were selling our house and the buyer’s home inspection found the problem), I felt like a fish out of water. I’ve never dealt with a Radon issue before.

Naturally, I surfed the web and made a number of calls. Your Web site was one of the most straightforward and helpful I found. Coupled with that, the fact that I could talk with you via phone about how to tackle the Radon issue in my big old Victorian home made the decision to hire you to do the sub-slab depressurization and make-up air easy.

And let me say that, working with you to get this done was handled in a manner that I only wish it had always gone that smoothly working with contractors over the years.

Our Radon levels were dropped below two, your work and service were everything you said they would be. Additionally, your price was very competitive.

Thanks much and keep up the great work/service,

J. G. Eagan, MN

I selected Val Riedman and his company Croix Valley Radon Mitigation based on several factors:

*They are listed on both the State of Minnesota and the State of Wisconsin’s Health Department websites. This did not assure me of the quality of their work, but did assure me that they possessed the proper certifications, etc.
*They were an A rated vendor on Angie’s List.
*They are a family business (I like supporting small, and especially family businesses).
*Their price was highly competitive (second lowest of the four bids I received).

A father and son team, Val And Jamison did not disappoint. I was provided with a written proposal in advance, which specified the work that would be done and the features of the system that would be installed. A price was agreed upon and a date was scheduled.

Val arrived when scheduled, performed the work as specified in the time frame allotted, cleaned up after himself, and the system is performing as promised. With a lot of experience under his belt, his expertise is strong, and the quality of both the materials he uses and his craftsmanship is high.

Just as importantly, Val is a genuinely nice guy. He’s changing the name of his company from Croix Valley Radon Mitigation, LLC to Healthy Air Solutions, Inc., and they deserve their Angie’s List A rating.

Woodbury MN 13.2 pCi/L to 0.5pCi/L

We are very satisfied with our experience with Croix Valley Radon Mitigation. Val responded quickly to our phone inquiry about an estimate for radon mitigation while we received no response from contacts with other contractors.

When Val visited the home to do the estimate, he was very good about explaining the system and the work that he would do, along with the planned location of the duct work. He willingly worked with us for scheduling the work since we were in the process of moving from the area.

Val did a very thorough job of sealing the basement and ventilation system and cleaned up all work areas when finished. He was also very thorough in explaining the operation of the system and monitoring the air flow through the system. He also guaranteed his work to be below exposure level minimums and subsequent monitoring confirmed his expectation.

We would highly recommend Croix Valley Radon Mitigation without any reservation.

Cottage Grove, MN 5.9pCi/L to 0.4pCi/L

I just received the AccuStar Labs Post-Radon Mitigation results for the work you did at our new home at xxxx Drake Drive in Eagan. The result was 0.5pCi/L! Wow! That’s incredible! This is well below the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L. Recall that our original measurement before we bought the home was 6.1 pCi/L. So, you did a FANTASTIC job in reducing the detectable Radon in our home. Well done Val! Thank you for all of your hard work at our home. We’ve had so many guests at our home look at your work and be impressed with the quality of the materials and the technical implementation you deployed at our home. You were a joy to work with and thanks again!

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Thank you for work and pleasant attitude when you put in our radon protection. We were very happy with our results. We will definitely keep advertising for you! Good luck as you continue your impressive business.

River Falls, WI 31.9pCi/L to 0.4pCi/L

They were prompt to respond to my inquiries, and very professional from the get go. I appreciated Val being so informative and up front about the different possibilities when installing the system. With service on a down-slide these days, Croix Valley Radon was professional, timely and great to work with! I highly recommend them, and will use them again if need be in the future. Please feel free to put me on your reference list!
Thank you.

Mary from Keller Williams Realty Minneapolis, MN

Croix Valley was very professional taking time to come out and look at the situation and what will be needed. They actually drilled a couple holes in the concrete at different locations and put a test on to see if it would draw air out. This made me feel very comfortable with selecting this company and they also were the most reasonable cost wise.

Greenfield, MN 10pCi/L to 0.6pCi/L

I called and got my current radon level and it came in at only 1.6. Happy Days!

Recall that I had previously had levels of 37 and 45 downstairs. You were great to work with. Very thorough in finding the best layout for the extraction holes, explained everything, and worked with my house layout to make the mitigation unobtrusive. Thanks much.

Finland, MN 45.2pCi/L to 1.6pCi/L

The service was prompt, and the information supplied proved to be accurate. The radon level went down to .6, even below background radiation.

North Hudson, WI 7pCi/L to .6pCi/L

Great work at a great price. Val was able to reduce my radon reading from a 7 to <.4. He was honest, up front, and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend them.

Shakopee, Minnesota