Mitigation Services

Free Estimates

Our radon mitigation service begins with a free in-home estimate. This assures you of the best possible price and no surprises later. Some estimates require a sub-slab communication test, also included with the free estimate.

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Our Service Area

We work in Wisconsin. Does that mean we’re expensive? No. We are a family owned business with low overhead.

Don’t live within our service area? We can help you install a DIY Radon Mitigation system.

System Installation

We are very concerned not only with reducing your radon level but also with how we can install a system that is aesthetically pleasing and quiet. Whenever possible, we try to keep the vent pipe within the house, whether through a garage or closets that allow the pipe to unobtrusively exit through the roof.

If there are no possible inside routes for the pipe to run, the fan and pipe will be placed on the outside of the house. This is only done if all other possibilities are exhausted.

If a sump basket is part of your basement drainage system, this will be incorporated into your radon system, especially if the drain tile is used to direct ground water to the sump basket. In that case, we often use this system as a pathway to reduce the radon in your home with the added benefit of reducing moisture and damp odors in your basement.

Another factor contributing to high radon levels and moisture problems are crawl spaces. If your home has a crawl space with exposed soil, it will be sealed with durable 10 mil plastic and often times we will need to install and vent pipe to reduce the radon from the spaces.

Other Reduction Methods

Active soil depressurization is the most common and effective way of reducing radon gas in the home. But in some cases other methods may be deemed more appropriate such as HRV’s, ERV’s and other ventilating procedures.

We are also experienced with commercial applications of radon reduction systems. Please contact us for more information.

We also offer Radon Resistant New Construction Services.