Fall/Winter 2006

“Our level was at 7pci/Lwhen we first tested. Val was very thorough from the start. He is very honest and caring. He will mitigate your house as though it was the house his family was living in. He drilled holes and tested for air flow. His pricing is very fair and very competitive with the competition. Croix Valley gets an A+ for persistence.Our level dropped to a 4 and Val was not satisfied. He made several trips to remedy the situation. After making several changes in the system the pci/L # has dropped to 2.5. We are currently conducting a long term test to see where our #’s end up. We may end up putting in an air exchanger to get the # down below the 1-2 range. I would highly recommend Val for any radon mitigation needs.”

Goodhue, MN     Fall & Winter 2006

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August 2006

“Took the time to explain what needs to be done and customized the service to my home’s  situation I highly recommend the company.”

Eden Prairie, MN     16pCi/L to <0.4pCi/L    August 2006

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