December 2014


I am a veteran homeowner/DIY’er … yet when we were told our house had Radon levels of 16 (we were selling our house and the buyer’s home inspection found the problem), I felt like a fish out of water. I’ve never dealt with a Radon issue before.

Naturally, I surfed the web and made a number of calls. Your Web site was one of the most straightforward and helpful I found. Coupled with that, the fact that I could talk with you via phone about how to tackle the Radon issue in my big old Victorian home made the decision to hire you to do the sub-slab depressurization and make-up air easy. And let me say that, working
with you to get this done was handled in a manner that I only wish it had always gone that smoothly working with contractors over the years.

Our Radon levels were dropped below two, your work and service were
everything you said they would be. Additionally, your price was very competitive.

Thanks much and keep up the great work/service,

J. G.
Eagan, MN

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