April 2007

“We are very satisfied with our experience with Croix Valley Radon Mitigation.  Val responded quickly to our phone inquiry about an estimate for radon mitigation while we received no response from contacts with other contractors.

When Val visited the home to do the estimate, he was very good about explaining the system and the work that he would do, along with the planned location of the duct work. He willingly worked with us for scheduling the work since we were in the process of moving from the area.

Val did a very thorough job of sealing the basement and ventilation system and cleaned up all work areas when finished.  He was also very thorough in explaining the operation of the  system and monitoring the air flow through the system.  He also guaranteed his work to be below exposure level minimums and subsequent monitoring confirmed his expectation.

We would highly recommend Croix Valley Radon Mitigation without any reservation.”

Cottage Grove, MN      5.9pCi/L to 0.4pCi/L   April 2007

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